Run An Online Retail Store? How To Make Returns Easier For Your Customers

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Run An Online Retail Store? How To Make Returns Easier For Your Customers

1 April 2016
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Although you probably do not want to see any more returns from your customers than necessary, it is actually important to make returns as easy as possible. The truth is that customers sometimes feel uncomfortable with ordering things online, especially from smaller businesses that they don't know much about, and making returns easy is one way to instill a bit of confidence in your customers. Plus, issues do happen sometimes, such as if you accidentally send the wrong item, if the item gets damaged during the shipping process or if the customer accidentally ordered the wrong item. 

Allow Customers to Initiate Returns Online

If your customers like ordering things online, it's probably because they like the convenience of being able to conduct business from the comfort of their home or office. This means that they will probably also want to be able to handle their returns on the Internet. Consider implementing an online return ticket option so that your customers can let you know about the desire of sending an item back without having to make a call or go through a long and annoying process.

Provide Shipping Labels

If you want to help make things easier for your customers, it's a good idea to provide shipping labels with their order. Then, if they decide to return the item, they can use the return label rather than having to fill one out themselves. Not only does this make things just a little bit easier for your customers, but it also helps prevent errors, which can help you ensure that the items come back to your business.

Implement a More Customer-Friendly Return Policy

You may want to be strict with your return policy to help prevent fraudulent returns. However, it can be helpful to come up with a more customer-friendly return policy if you want to keep your customers happy and make them feel more comfortable about the idea of ordering from you in the first place. One idea is to consider adjusting your policy to allow a longer window for returns, for example, so that your customers have a bit more time to determine whether they are happy with their product.

When it comes to running an online retail store, it is important to make returns easy for your customers. This can help keep them happy and can prevent people from avoiding ordering because they're nervous about being unable to return an unwanted item. Luckily, following these tips can help you instill confidence and increase customer satisfaction. Visit a company like WorkAbilities, Inc. for more information.