The Most Common Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

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The Most Common Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

3 June 2016
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A great roofing job is something that requires experience and knowledge of the right types of shingles to add to a roof, how the shingles should be added and whether shingles should be used at all. If you will be performing your first roofing job, there are certain mistakes you must avoid that would cause major problems for the home in question otherwise.

Forgetting To Lay Down Starter Shingles

It is essential to always lay down a starter section of shingles. If you do not do this, water will get underneath the bottom shingle cut-outs. You will also not have a good foundation for your shingles. Always have starter shingles at the rake and apply them along the eaves. The shingles must also hang at the eaves. If they do not, it is more likely that the roof will blow off as a result of strong winds. Nailing should be done three inches above the eaves.

Getting Shingles From More Than One Dealer

Make sure to use a single dealer when getting shingles. Even if they are made from the same materials, shingles that come from a different manufacturer will often not match up. This can make the roof look much less attractive and as if it was finished by an amateur.

Installing Shingles On A Roof That Does Not Have A Slope

Do not install shingles on a roof that does not have a slope. If the roof lacks a slope, the shingles will not protect it from moisture because shingles simply shed water from the roof, but do not act as a barrier to protect the roof from water. With a flat roof, the water will seep in and will cause leaks. There is usually a minimum slope for a specific type of building material that you must follow.

Not Using A Drip Edge

A drip edge is only required on the eaves of the home, but is also recommended for the ridge of the home. The drip edge helps to keep squirrels and insects out of the attic. It prevents rain driven by wind from entering underneath the roof. It provides a location for water to drip off. It also prevents shingles from sagging.

The best way to avoid making mistakes while performing roofing work is to receive a solid education on the subject. With the right training, your business will develop a reputation for always placing the roofs of their customers in good hands. Click here to learn more about roofing exam prep.