Suggestions For Starting A Private Flight Company

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Suggestions For Starting A Private Flight Company

28 March 2017
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Knowing how to fly a plane is a great skill to have because it can help you make money. For instance, you can start your own flight company if you have the right kind of skills and can make the investment. If you want to learn how to fly planes, you can learn everything that you need to know by attending an aviation school, such as Institute of Aviation at Parkland College. Once you have been properly licensed, you can work on starting your private flight company. Take a look at this article for some guidance in regards to getting aviation training and getting your business going.

Obtain the Right Kind of Aviation Training

You must keep in mind that there are different types of certificates that you can earn as a pilot. You must choose your aviation training based on what you intend on doing with the planes that you purchase. Being that you are starting a company and will be flying people around, you will need to train for a private pilot license. The license will allow you to take your plane across a long distance, as well as possibly travel out of country. You might need special training along with the private license if you intend on traveling in clouds and at night.

Invest in Planes for Your Business

After you have been properly licensed, you should then decide how you will go about obtaining planes for your business. It is important to have more than one type of plane available for customers to choose between for their needs. For instance, you might want to invest in a small jet, as well as a plane that can transport numerous passengers. You have the option of purchasing new or used planes. However, if you opt for used planes, make sure that they are thoroughly inspected before taking them into the air.

Try to Obtain the AS9100 Certification

You can give your business a boost when it comes to the reputation if you get an AS9100 certification. The certification is basically a way to show the public that your planes are in good shape, and that your business is being properly managed. For instance, a consultant can visit your business establishment to train you in areas that need to be improved. He or she will also inspect your planes to make sure they are safe. After every aspect of your flight company is in top shape, you will be issued the AS9100 certification.