Make Sure That Your Driving School Teaches You How To Respond To These Situations

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Make Sure That Your Driving School Teaches You How To Respond To These Situations

7 April 2017
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Enrolling in driving school doesn't just give you a chance to learn the rules of the road. This training also provides you with an opportunity to be taught how to react when a series of unexpected things happen to you while driving. Your safety, as well as the safety of others, can depend on how quickly and skillfully you can respond to such situations, so when you're evaluating different driving schools, select one that includes in-class and in-car tutorials on the following scenarios.

Car Trouble Or Flat Tire

Having a tire go flat or experiencing car trouble for the first time is stressful to every driver, but you'll feel more in control of the situation if you've practiced what to do in driving school. Your driving instructor should provide you with a list of clues that can serve as early warning signs of these issues. In the case of a flat tire, for example, you may notice a strange sound coming from a tire or find that the vehicle begins to pull to the left or the right. You should then learn how to use your hazard blinkers to warn other vehicles, and then find a safe location to stop.

Road Rage

Unfortunately, road rage is an unpleasant issue that many drivers will encounter at some point. Many driving schools include lessons on dealing with road rage in a mature and safe manner and may also allow you to practice a make-believe road rage scenario when you're driving with your instructor. Typically, an instructor will advocate things such as changing your speed in a safe manner to stay away from the aggressive driver or take a detour for the sake of avoidance. You'll also learn to not engage the other driver in any manner and how to drive to the nearest police station for help.

Sudden Weather Changes

It's a frightening feeling to notice that the weather has suddenly changed while you're driving. Some drivers will panic, perhaps slamming on their brakes, because they haven't formally been taught how to respond to such a situation. Look for a driving school that includes lessons related to inclement weather. You'll not only learn defensive driving techniques that can help you stay safe in poor conditions but also how to gradually slow your speed while you look for a safe spot to pull over so that you can safely wait out the weather conditions.

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