3 Benefits Of A Montessori Summer Program For Your Kids

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3 Benefits Of A Montessori Summer Program For Your Kids

18 April 2017
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Summertime is the time of year where kids let loose and explore the world around them. It's also the time of year when they are typically not thinking of school and the skills they have learned in math, reading, science, and other areas of study. If you want your kids to have a memorable summer while still keeping their minds sharp, a summer program that specializes in the Montessori method can be greatly beneficial.

The Montessori method of learning is based on experiences and hands-on learning. Students are allowed and encouraged to explore their surroundings based on their personalities, likes and interests, and even their current talents. They learn via touch and application and learn in ways that are lasting and fun. Here are 3 benefits you can feel confident about as you explore Montessori-based summer programs for your kids.

New activities

Since the Montessori method is all about touch and visual learning as well as applicable, hands-on learning, your children will gain access to new activities they may not have ever tried before. Pottery, music, theater, art, and even dance activities are all encouraged in many programs with learning at the center. Your children will learn to see the world through new eyes while they garner hidden talents they may have not even known they had.


If your children are shy, they can bloom in a setting designed around their personalities. Activities are often customized to meet the needs and social requirements of each student, which means that your children can feel comfortable working alone even in a group of other kids. As they grow with the program, they not only gain confidence in their own personalities and special skills, they learn to interact with others in a way that is non-pressuring and fun.


The Montessori method of learning is all about using the world and its natural environment to encourage students to thrive. This means plenty of exploration during their summer activities, be it class trips to historical landmarks, nature walks and hikes, or simply baking in the kitchen or creating crafts that can be used around the home. With the world literally at their fingertips your children can learn to be confident in what they can learn to do, which can help them excel in many areas of life as they get older.

A summer program designed around fun and learning is a great way to keep your kids' minds active. Explore different Montessori programs in your area to find the best one for your budget and your children's needs.