Considering an Online Degree? Debunking 3 Myths

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Considering an Online Degree? Debunking 3 Myths

23 October 2019
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When most people think of earning a degree, they picture themselves sitting in a classroom and staying in a dorm room. In reality, you can earn a degree from the comfort of your home. Today, more and more people are seeing the benefits of online degrees. However, there are some who are fearful of this option. This guide will help you understand the truths behind a few myths regarding online degrees.

They Aren't Real Degrees

One of the most common myths people believe is that an online degree won't give you a real degree, meaning it will be frowned upon by employers when you are trying to apply for a specific position that requires a degree.

In reality, online degrees are just as effective as other degrees. They require extensive coursework and time, ensuring you are not only earning a degree, but you are also learning.

It is important to remember that online degrees are available through online-only colleges AND many major universities and community colleges, so they are effective degrees awarded by actual educational institutions.

The Degrees Are Easy to Get

Another myth people believe is that online degrees are easy to get since they believe that they do not require much effort or work. Again, this is not true.

If you are achieving an online degree, you will be required to attend actual classes, even though they are held online. You must attend these classes, ensuring you are receiving the proper education with a specific amount of time spent online with the instructor.

Many people feel you can "cheat" on tests when you are taking a course online, as well, making the degree easier to achieve. If you are attending an online class and taking a quiz or test online, it is important that you do not cheat in any way. Cheating may seem like a good idea, but it is preventing you from actually learning, which is the main goal of your online course and degree.

In many cases, online degrees can be more challenging to achieve than other degrees. The flexibility and convenience of an online course will require a great deal of discipline, time-management, and responsibility.

Online Courses Only for Part-Time

Finally, many people think online courses are only beneficial for students who can attend part time. While surprising to learn, full-time students can also achieve their degrees online.

Whether you are employed full time or need to attend school full time, online degree programs are available so you can achieve your degree around your specific schedule.